Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh how I miss my washer and dryer!

Before we moved to Mexico I heard the stories about no washer and dryers, No heat or air and how people still lived like back in the older days but I didn't really believe it......until now! Now don't get me wrong, Lots of people have washers and some have dryers but in general you have a washer but hang your clothes on the line to dry. Unfortunately we are one of the people who just cannot afford a washer machine just yet but some day we will....I hope at least. Well last week we moved into our first rent house after staying with family since we got here(who had a washer!). I remember seeing other houses with these built in cement wash and rinse tubs outside and thought they were so "cool" and even mouthed off about how I would love to use one of those.....

Well my wish came true....I have my very own cement wash and rinse tub..

But guess what????? I do NOT LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, It cleans the clothes but I never in my life realized washing clothes for 4 could be such back breaking labor until now! I plug the drain holes with cut off fingers from my husbands old work gloves. Draining the sinks make a huge mess right outside my back door and I can only wash about 6-7 pieces of clothing before the water is way to dirty and I have to drain and start over again! The worst part however is wringing the clothes after rinsing. I honestly do not know how people ever wrung their clothes out properly! I feel like a failure every time cause they end up on the clothes line still dripping wet! Ok maybe I lied, Worst part would be hands being ICE cold from doing laundry in cold water outside when its kind of cold. Thats the worst part! 

But you know what? Even though this is back breaking labor and takes all day to do......I am thankful I have some place to wash my clothes.....Yes THANKFUL cause it could be worse, I could be trying to wash and rinse them in my tiny kitchen sink!!!!

Well I guess thats all for this post. Not sure how much more I can say about my cement wash tub but I can say.....I never realized how much I took for granted back in Oklahoma....even the simple things like a washer and dryer....


  1. Well, I commented but it did not post, anyway hand washing is hard, luckily I grew up Hippy poor so when I first moved to Leon, GTO and realized no one had washers and dryers it wasn't tooo much of an adjustment;) When we first moved here to Mexicali it took us about 6 months to get a washer and we will not buy a dryer, too much $ in power. Hand washing is hard on clothes though and so is line drying, don't worry too much about the drip drying, it doesn't really hurt the clothes:)

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