Friday, January 3, 2014

First Blog Post! Bit of our story!

Finally! My first blog post! I have been wanting to blog since I moved to Mexico but did not have internet access. Well now I do so here we go!! My name is Cindy. I am 31 yrs old and from Collinsville, OK. I have been married for nearly 13 yrs to my amazing husband Carlos. We have 2 beautiful kiddos 12 and almost 10 yrs old. 
 A few years ago our nightmare started for our family after we took in my out of hand teenage cousin after she was kicked out of a children's home for pulling a knife on her house parents. I thought we could change her life but instead she tried to destroy ours. Back in 2010 she got angry with us for not letting her go to a party and next thing we know the police is hauling my husband off to jail. She made false accusations in which we fought for 3 yrs until we could not afford it anymore. Finally he took a plea deal for probation then ICE arrested him, revoked his green card and deported him back to Mexico in June 2013. Our lives completely changed. I used to be angry and bitter about the entire situation. Luckily I am a believer in karma and just recently got to see the works of karma in progress. 

We had just bought our first home and had just moved in when my husband was arrested. He spent seven weeks in David L Moss in Tulsa, OK and a immigration judge ordered him deported on June 8th. It was such a scary situation for us all. I suffer from health issues and had to all of sudden to go to work after always having my husband support. I had two very emotional kids trying to understand why they came home from school and daddy was gone , Life was truly a nightmare. We decided as soon as he was detained that if he was deported the kids and I would move to Mexico to with him but had to wait and see what would happen. Luckily I had already applied for passports before he was deported. He was ordered deported June 8th, Arrived in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila Mexico on June 12th and the kids and I made the 700 mile drive on July 12th to Mexico. We left pretty much everything behind but our clothes and personal items and came to start our lives over and keep our family together. 

The kids and I have now been here for nearly 6 months. After staying with my husbands sister we finally just got our own house. Life is still very hard here but is slowly getting better. It has been a very big struggle for our family but it is slowly improving as we go and I am thankful that. 

My intentions for this blog is share experiences, way of life, struggles and victories and maybe even some recipes along the way. I hope to meet other American women or families living in Mexico and hope to be able to help others facing similar situations. So be on the look out! Lots of new stuff to be posted soon!

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  1. Holy Smokes!!! wow, thats some heavy karma for her. Sorry this happened to you.