Monday, January 20, 2014

Driving in Acuna

Its been a while since I posted anything. This blog is so new that I forget that I have it! Anyways as I am sitting here on my laptop when I should be sleeping I started thinking about the last couple weeks.

We have been here for 6 months but I personally did not do much driving cause the taxi's here scare the living out of me, I always think they are going to cause a wreck with their video game race car driving antics swerving in and out of people and running red lights.

Well the New Year came a new law, Seems Mexico wants all the American cars out of here or wants them changed to Mexican so the retens (road blocks) began and vehicles were being checked for papers. Of course my truck is fine, Their after all those American cars with no papers whatsoever on them that make it across the border but never leave. Well we have yet to get my husband's drivers license, Although it does not even require a test we just have not had the nearly 500 pesos to buy a drivers guess what???? That meant it was time for me to start driving anywhere and everywhere to avoid him getting pulled over and risking jail for no drivers license and so I did. 

Its been quite the learning experience especially since I have always been a very nervous driver, Now I have had to learn to dodge pot holes which basically means swerving back and forth on nearly every road you drive on, Compete with the taxi drivers for use of the road cause if you don't drive aggressive around them they will nearly run you off the road and try to learn which lights have one way or 2 way traffic on green and which red lights your allowed to go through on the outside lane (yes at certain lights you do not have to stop on red if your in the outside lane) not to mention getting used to driving through or being stopped at the road blocks ran by the Federal Police in their intimidating mask covered , all dressed in black uniforms. 

But so far I have survived and I am happy to report that I think I am beginning to turn into a true Mexican driver....Give it a couple more weeks and I will probably be a lost cause for proper driving!

Although the road blocks still make me quite nervous but the federal officer who stopped me before was very nice, just those uniforms are SCARY looking!

Anyway that's my random post about life in Mexico for today, Hope yall (yes YALL. The Okie will ALWAYS live on in me!)enjoyed!

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  1. Pinche Mexican drivers haha....I totally get you on this one and don't even get me started on four-way stops where everyone thinks they can go at the same time or las senoras viejas manejando como tortugas. My husband doesn't have a driver's license either and sometimes he has to drive his bosses truck, he's been pulled over and had to pay a bribe, his boss reimburses. Luckily they are not cracking down on the American cars here, because I have to cross 5 days a week:)